Advanced Technology Products, Staffing, and Services

At ThinkPredict, we build advanced technology for everyone. Our artificial intelligence products enable your business to parse and understand natural language, then build either queries or virtual worlds. Our staffing services help you train or hire qualified data scientists and process engineers to opertionalize your research and deployment pipelines. Our consulting services help you build advanced technology into your business processes.


We made an AI, and have used it to make intelligent products. We can help you build data queries from natural language using our EnvisaVoice product line. Our CARE Virtual Assistant helps people stay connected and in their home as they age. Our VRCAD product can help you design a home, on your phone.


If you need to train or find data scientists and have them understand technologies like Python, scikit-learn, or TensorFlow, we can help. We can teach your software engineers how to wrangle data and build data pipelines. We can help you find data scientists or the staff you need to put data processes into production.


We can help your business create intelligent processes. We can help you design your products to use data science or artificial intelligence techniques to make intuitive user interfaces, track sales conversions, query inventory, or build brand management informatics.